Photo by  Jeremy Cowart

Photo by Jeremy Cowart

Hello, I’m Meghan!

I’m a twenty-something freelance portrait + product photographer residing in Minneapolis, MN. I became a photographer on accident because of smoothies. True story. I bought my first DSLR to make said smoothies look more photogenic, but that quickly evolved to backyard photoshoots with my friends as I discovered my love for portraiture.


Now, my biggest passion is photographing people – capturing the light in your eyes, the passion in your heart, and the dreams in your mind!


Aside from photography, my favorite things include: modern calligraphy, Spotify, cozy rainy days, scented candles, handwritten letters, oat milk lattes, and miniature dachshunds!


Jesus has my heart, and Ephesians 3:20-21 describes my vision and hope for my photography. In 2020 I’m moving to Amsterdam temporarily to further my faith and photograph God’s people around the world. Make sure to subscribe to my email list at the bottom of this page if you want to follow along with my global adventures!

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